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       Kunshan MAX was was Taiwan company, purchased by CEFOC in 2010, and was listed in New OTC Market in July 2016. It's the first listed company in the cleanroom industry in China.

       At present, we have 4 factories in China: 2 in Kunshan, 1 in Chengdu, 1 in Shijiazhuang, 1 plant in Italy, 1 sales company in Swizerland. 

       There is one Demo cleanroom in Kunshan factory, which covers an area of 500 square meters. 

       Two factories in Kunshan (Close to Shanghai):завод 1.JPG

       One Factory in Shijiazhuang (Close to Beijing):

завод 2.JPG

       One Factory in Chengdu:

завод 3.JPG

       One Factory in Italy:

завод 4.JPG