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Where Is Spring In The MAX Door Series?

Jul 14, 2017

Where is spring in the MAX Door Series?

The current market environment is very different from the financial crises of previous years. That is an external force to MAX Door Series of household is the indirect impact of the industry, China has unique conditions, the affected itself is limited, and the Chinese government has the ability to get rid of the crisis, confidence comes from this. Now on the property market, it is active dispensing prescriptions dispensed by the government to rein in property prices, house prices "burn" is not retreated, medicine will not stop, and how long does the "fever", is limited to what degree, it is difficult to have a accurate judgment. This could be a protracted battle, a year, two years or more. How many of the MAX Door Series can survive?

The MAX gate market has reacted to the situation. Even if some companies go up in the market, sales go up. So, the price war failed, the MAX Door Series stores in even closed reduction, some MAX series brand in, some of the MAX contraction front door series dealers do not have to departure is the market share, but can't make money, faster death; The concept war doesn't work, the demand is insufficient, you can fool around and nobody wants to pay the bill.

The competition intensity of MAX Door Series industry has been high in the building materials industry, since 2005, the slogan of "shuffling", will it really come? Does the 2012 market slump mean the real start of a "shuffle"? If the hypothesis of "shuffling" is established, can the industry leading brand gain more market share from it, who will rise up in the secondary brand? Third-line brand who will be marginalized by a new round of shuffling? ......

Anyway, MAX Door Series, enterprises need to be prepared for a long "winter", not only to the pursuit of the number of product sales, more to ensure that a certain profit, to make limited consumer choice, you will be real to show their own style, do a good job in every product, to meet all play no empty.

One of the components of a doorman is to learn to clean up the service life of the door.

1. Do not force too hard and avoid hitting the MAX Door Series when the door fan is overhung or the sharp object is not broken and the door fan is opened or closed.

Do not unlock the door with wet hands, or splash the corrosive solvent on the MAX Door Series and door locks. Hinge, door lock and other frequently active hardware accessories, when loose, should be tightened immediately. When the door lock is unopened, it can be used to lubricate the keyhole by adding a proper amount of lead-pen foam and other lubricant.

3. When wiping the glass, do not allow the cleaning agent or water to seep into the cracks of the glass, so as to avoid the pressure change.

4. Clean the surface of MAX Door Series (such as handprint), and wipe with a soft cloth after you wet it with air. When dirty mark is too heavy, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, decontamination, wipe clean immediately. When removing dust from the MAX Door Series, you can use a vacuum cleaner when removing the soft cotton cloth.

5, should keep indoor and ventilated is good, in the spring and winter make MAX Door Series is in normal temperature and humidity environment, prevent the MAX Door Series due to excessive humidity, temperature difference and deformation, metal fittings of a corrosion shows, sealing side, facing material appear fall off phenomenon. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, keep away from the MAX Door Series to avoid heat distortion.

6. When painting the wall, the MAX Door Series shall be covered to avoid the peeling and discoloration of the MAX Door Series, which will affect the overall appearance of the painting.