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What Should The MAX Door Series Have?

Jun 28, 2017

What should the MAX Door Series have?
On the MAX door series, I believe that the experience of decoration has been friends have to understand, because the purchase of the MAX series of materials itself is a very cumbersome thing, we must be impressed it! Then the standard MAX door series of products at least what conditions do you have?
        Green non-toxic, which is in line with the theme of today's theme, the standard qualified MAX series of products should be non-toxic lead-free, non-irritating odor; high temperature flame retardant, the standard product heat resistance should be above the national standard, And is not affected by high and low temperature, the combustion standards at least to the national standard B1; hard texture, now the products are advanced steel processing technology, with excellent physical properties, high strength, corrosion resistance; durable, standard products In a year or two broken, especially like the MAX series of such products, life expectancy at least in a few decades, so the need to have a high anti-aging properties, timely fumes or prolonged wet environment should also be excellent The quality of the product, the appearance of the product can be sold, the most reason is the appearance of the natural aesthetic, so qualified products should be fashionable gorgeous laser surface, and high light roller technology to create a bright mirror effect.
        In short, the standard MAX door series of products should meet the contemporary people for product performance and appearance and other needs.
 Survival of the fittest is a rule in which the society is always in operation. Enterprises in order to be based on the market, we must continue to strengthen technological innovation.
      The competition in the face of the market continues to increase, some companies have closed down, which also to the development of integrated MAX door series sounded the alarm. Many of the dynamic development of the market is also quite understand, integrated MAX series of doors continue to make adjustments and innovation work to actively respond to market changes. Innovation is the most effective way to achieve the integration of the MAX door series, and new products, will greatly improve the overall level of the MAX series of industries, on the other hand can also break the limitations of traditional products. With the industry's internal innovation, integrated MAX door series of industries has also made new breakthroughs, opened up their own business survival, but also in the market occupies an important position. I believe that with the support of the party and the state, the integration of MAX series of continuous innovation and technological innovation, will achieve greater development.
 1, according to the integration of MAX series of design standards, the level of deviation does not exceed ± 5mm.
      2, MAX Door Series hanging bars used galvanized iron wire shall not be less than 8, and must be inflated bolts for lifting point.
      3, such as the use of wood keel, the material must be no cracking, no distortion of the red, white pine, the main keel specifications can not be less than 50mm × 70mm.
      4, the paint must be painted on the roller, the top must be flat, no obvious potholes.
      5, MAX Door Series the toilet cover can not be used to cover the deformation of the gypsum board, mineral wool board, plywood, etc., should be used metal plate or plastic plate.
      6, cover the surface of the panel should be smooth, smooth, seams straight and wide and even, there must be missing edges and corners, cracking and other defects.
      7, MAX Door Series cover panels and keel and keel of the contacts, must be close, no loose, safe and reliable.
      8, all the wood keel will be coated with fire retardant paint, direct contact with the wall, or installed in the bathroom in the wood keel but also brushing preservatives.