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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using The MAX Door Series

Oct 09, 2017

MAX gate series in the fire when people can fight for more escape time, in the MAX Door Series of the use of the process, we should pay attention to what?
1. Because the fire can not be closed when the door, so the MAX Door Series must be automatically closed, to be set up automatic door closers. At present, automatic door closers are divided into two types of hydraulic and spring, for the MAX Door Series are mostly one-way open hydraulic door spring and single tube spring hinge. It should be noted that, do not mistakenly installed such automatic door closers in the side of the fire surface, so as to avoid high temperature damage in the fire. Usually to ensure that the automatic door closers sensitive and effective, once the damage to be replaced in time.
2. Normally in the open state of the MAX Door Series, must be fixed device, in order to facilitate the passage. Generally, an electromagnetic discharge switch or fusible alloy is used to secure the door to the side walls. It is noteworthy that the MAX Door Series can not be fixed with a hook or door card because the people in the panic of the fire will not close the door, which will cause the fireworks to flee, leaving the walkway and the stairway to lose the safe evacuation effect.
3. Dedicated to evacuate the staircase MAX Door Series, usually in order to prevent theft in the use of often locked. In order to solve both the fire and anti-theft problem, such a series of MAX can be used electromagnetic door locks. The floor staff can be used to open the key to enter, the fire by the smoke detector linkage or fire control room remote control and connected to the circuit, the tongue is under the action of magnetic retraction, the door can be pushed open. Can also be set up a simple mechanical push bar lock, any time from inside as long as a push the door can be opened, people out of the back door will be closed, from the outside will have to use the key to open, it can prevent the perpetrators into the building.
4. Some dual-door MAX Door Series has a bite for sealing, if the order is closed when the order is not closed, so be set to control the door before and after the steps of the sequencer.
5. If the door of the MAX Door Series must be turned by hand to turn on, it may not be opened until the fire is baked. For this purpose, it is easy to push the MAX Door Series with push or body squeeze.
6. To prevent the carpet or interior furnishings from jamming the MAX Door Series, to ensure that they can be used in the event of a fire.
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By understanding the importance of the MAX Gate Series in the building, explore the MAX gate series in the design, installation and use should pay attention to matters, to ensure that the MAX Door Series in the event of fire actually play a protective effect.
MAX Door Series refers to a certain period of time to meet the fire stability, integrity and heat insulation requirements of the door, mainly for building fire partition wall openings, staircase entrances and exits, evacuation walkways, pipe wells and so on. The MAX Door Series is usually used for personnel passage, in the event of a fire, can prevent the spread of fire and the spread of smoke for a certain period of time, to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel and work in the positive pressure air supply system from the role of sealing. Its design is reasonable, the installation is appropriate, management, use is in place directly related to the MAX Door Series of fire effects.
From the fire in recent years can be seen in the accident, because there is no MAX Door Series of the correct set up and maintenance, the people's lives and property in the disaster to pay a heavy price. In view of these lessons, I am in the actual supervision and inspection of the experience, a brief description of the MAX Door Series in the design, installation and management should pay attention to matters, there are inappropriate criticism of correction.
Reasonable design and proper selection
Designers in the building of the MAX Door Series of doors designed, should be based on the nature of the building, type, in strict accordance with the requirements of fire technical specifications, reasonable set MAX Door Series, and not free to reduce the MAX Door Series of grades.
1, in the building more daily traffic, MAX Door Series of the use of more frequent parts, should give priority to the design of normally open MAX Door Series. Normally open the MAX Door Series its function mainly by the electromagnetic release valve or magnetic door suction, door closers and automatic control system to achieve autistic function, in the event of fire can quickly shut down, play to prevent the spread of fire and smoke spread Role, this design is conducive to the evacuation of personnel in the event of fire, but also to avoid frequent use of the MAX Door Series of series of damage.
2, in the design of closed staircase and do not use positive pressure air supply system smoke staircase front door MAX Door Series, should consider the MAX Door Series distance from the ceiling as much as possible not less than 500mm, so that in the event of a fire accident, can effectively prevent Personnel evacuated when the smoke into the staircase, to ensure that the staircase between the smoke effect.