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What Is A Clean Room?

Feb 09, 2017

Within the clean room is the space of air particles, hazardous air pollutants, bacteria and other excluded, and indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, wind speed and air distribution, noise, vibration, and lighting, electrostatic control in a range of needs, and the special design of the room. That is, no matter what the outer air condition change, its interior can all maintain the previously set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure performance characteristics.

In clean rooms the most important function is to control the products of (silicon chip) contacts of clean living and the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere, to a good environment in the production, manufacture, this space we call clean room. According to international practice, dust free purification level is mainly based on diameter of particles in each cubic meter of air is greater than the standard provides the number of particles. That is known as clean does not 100% not a speck of dust, but in a very minute amount of units. Of course this standard meet the standards of the dust particles in relation to our common small dust is minimal, but optical structure, even if it is a little bit of dust will have a very great negative impact on the production of optical structure, dust is an inevitable requirement.

Every cubic metre of less than 0.3 Micron particle size number of dust below 3,500, reached the international standard of clean a level. Chip-scale production and processing standard for dust-free dust more than a-class, which are mainly used in high grade on higher chip production. 0.5uM and the following number of dust are strictly controlled in less than 1000 per cubic inch, which is commonly known as 1K in the industry.