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What Do The MAX Door Series Need To Be Aware Of?

Oct 18, 2017

What do the MAX Door Series need to be aware of?
In all parts of the country have a very professional MAX Door Series manufacturers emerged, in order to we all know that the use of the MAX series of all the industry that is essential, so you can see the proceeds of the people will be the first time to seize the market The opportunity to start in each place for the MAX Door Series processing. In order to be able to meet the industry. So that the size of the factory is also uneven, and some only for the production of this product, Moreover, some of the old and the different types of goods is a comprehensive production.
(2), the dry wood processed into a standard material; (3), the specifications of the material for flame retardant impregnation treatment, the amount of solid flame retardant Class A MAX Door Series (1), the wood drying; (5), the flame retardant processing specifications D1 for finishing, the use of flame retardant treatment of wood for more than 110 kilograms, B grade MAX Door Series per cubic meter of wood is greater than 90 kg; , Sanding, open tenon, drilling, assembly into a framework MAX Door Series with a smooth surface, nice, open flexible, durable, easy to use, safe and reliable and so on. MAX Door Series of a variety of specifications, in addition to the national construction of doors and windows through the unified modular design of the door size, but also according to the user's request and custom.
MAX Door Series of merchandise life with the staff maintenance methods and frequency has a lot of relationship, for the use of different atmosphere, select the corresponding maintenance, product life can be effectively extended, all the situation to take some care operations, such Form to ensure that the goods from the use of the environment which is very good results, can ensure that the MAX series of products are effective at the same time, but also to ensure safety. The maintenance of the MAX Door Series requires frequent checks on the integrity of the MAX gates, checking the closers, whether the sequencer is easy to use, whether the MAX gates are closed in sequence, and the screws on the hinges and hinges are loose. Immediately to organize the maintenance; to eliminate the use of units one-sided pursuit of decorative effect, the MAX Door Series door frame to cancel and set only ordinary wood production of the door, the door of the original frame replaced with other materials, a wide range of decorative surface, Fire coating, can not achieve fire effects.
The MAX Door Series is divided into steel MAX Door Series and wood MAX Door Series. One of the steel MAX Door Series is divided into Class A, B, C three levels, Class A MAX Door Series ≥ 1.2h, Class B MAX Door Series ≥ 0.9h, C grade MAX Door Series ≥ 0.6h. Steel MAX Door Series using cold-rolled steel, cold forming molding. Door according to the requirements of fire-resistant grade filled with refractory materials, according to user needs can be equipped with a variety of hardware accessories. The surface of the product is treated by rust-proof spraying, and the color is processed according to the customer's requirements. The product is strong and strong, and the supporting strength is high and the shape is beautiful. It is the ideal choice for all kinds of high-grade buildings. MAX Door Series is widely used in commercial, residential, enterprises, institutions, banks, entertainment, schools, industrial and mining enterprises.
On the MAX Door Series of hardware accessories is also a Class A wood MAX Door Series of high, for the decoration of the solid wood MAX Door Series of hardware accessories need to be refractory hardware accessories, the first B class of wood MAX Door Series hardware accessories: fire Hinge, fire lock, MAX Door Series lock, fire secondary device and fire door closers and so on; Assuming that the MAX series of hardware accessories are not resistant to fire, then the use of the MAX series of fire protection function will not be guaranteed The