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What Are The MAX Wall Series Decorations?

Oct 18, 2017

What are the MAX Wall Series decorations?
With the improvement of people's quality of life, in addition to the enjoyment of material life, the enjoyment of spiritual life has become a modern pursuit of a fashion and the trend in the decoration of the house is also reflected in the most vividly. With the development of modern architecture, MAX Wall Series decorative materials have become an integral part of architectural decoration materials. MAX Wall Series Decorative materials are gaining traction. MAX Wall Series a wide variety of decorative materials, mainly divided into integrated wall panels, paint, wallpaper, etc., then what is the MAX Wall Series decorative materials?
The MAX Wall Series itself has the advantage of being a key factor. In addition to environmental health, insulation, moisture and other material properties, the "easy to install" is also a lot of consumers fascinated by the place. Looking back and now, when decorating the MAX Wall Series, it's like this: a team of people, a lot of material, and then dirty for a lot of days, and then "dry" for many days.
So, MAX Wall Series every day that "easy to install" in the end to "easy" where? Xiaobian think here referred to as "easy" is probably reflected in the installation of the time will not be dirty, the workers do not need too much time will not be too long. The specific situation we may wish to look at the MAX Wall Series installation process.
Said that in front of this step is not necessary, if it is in line with the standard housing project, it is entirely possible to install the steps directly on the rough wall.
Irregular rough processing:
As the actual size of the rough room is very irregular, the wall up and down there is a deviation, through the MAX Wall Series for effective rest, at least as a bend at the dressing, the maximum possible 2-3CM deviation, with wood fulcrum pavement, do To the top and bottom, and then on the MAX Wall Series.
2. The walls are concave and convex, such as the wall is too large, directly affect the actual installation effect, this time must be leveling with water products, with woodworking cloth to do, to install.
3 cement label is too high, which is basically a stone, gun nails can not enter, this time with hammer drilling, which filled with wood, vacancy density without too large (1 m spacing can be).
4. Column protruding MAX Wall Series filled with wooden keel, you can choose the word grid Ge keel spacing 300mm * 300mm.
The process is a common pre-decoration adjustment, the way you need some wood and other materials, the overall or in the green tone, but if you need to modify the larger, there may be dust troubles.
Well, start the installation. This process is part of the essence of the MAX Wall Series "easy to install".
With a horizontal line of infrared lines for a set of vertical lines, identify the first plate of the standard position, followed by patchwork installation. The flattened MAX Wall Series can be mounted with a dedicated environmental structural adhesive and secured with a rasp along the edge of the buckle. Installation of the grassroots level is not the case, the main material from the corner (professional installation noun) began to install clockwise.
Installation Precautions:
When fixing the wallboard, use the nail to fix the edge along the edge of the buckle. Note that the edge of the hole is less than 15mm.
MAX Wall Series column, the top of the hanging beam angle, the back of the plate can be used to slot the method of column, can also be used metal angle angle package angle.
In the process of cutting the plate must make the material cut straight without burrs, cutting saw the higher the speed, burr less. Measure the size of the error must be between the 2MM, otherwise it will cause patchwork very irregular.
The final surface stains can be wiped with a neutral detergent for cleaning.
In this process, the cutting of the wall will produce a certain amount of solid waste, but the wall is environmentally friendly material, no taste, no pollution, easy to clean the decoration site. The entire installation process, the two installed master enough. Install faster.
From the entire installation process can be seen, although still a very complicated process, but the preparation of which is home improvement can not be avoided, no matter what kind of material. Compared with the implementation of some materials, integrated wall of the wall of the treatment can be described as simple and simple (also can not handle). But it is clear that, MAX Wall Series in the installation of the time as long as the splicing up, convenient and quick. And in the installation process without too much garbage, no pollution, the health of the installation workers without harm.