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What Are The Advantages Of Using The MAX Wall Series?

Aug 28, 2017

What are the advantages of using the MAX Wall Series?
There are more and more places to use the MAX Wall Series during the renovation period, especially in the kitchen and bathroom where many of the places are used to the MAX Wall Series of aluminum gusset plate modules and electrical modules. Use MAX Wall Series decoration process in the end what are the advantages of the following MAX series of manufacturers Xiaobian to introduce the advantages of the MAX series of the series.
  1, to achieve one-stop get, MAX Wall Series can achieve a place you can buy all the necessary accessories, convenient and time-saving. Do not have to go around to buy the buckle board, ventilation fans, Yuba, lamps and so on. The MAX Wall Series can also be achieved after-sales one-stop, and improve after-sales service for consumers to provide more convenience.
2, the appearance of the product generous fashion
      MAX Wall Series of the various modules have been optimized to achieve a unified structure, so that the ceiling of the color and style has been further extended, no longer rigidly adhere to a single form, but with the fashion, but also let The choice of customers is more extensive.
3, gusset module and electrical module in the function and style to highlight In addition to the unique human nature, personalized, such as designed for the kitchen ceiling nano-technology nano-plate, designed for the bathroom ceiling corrosion and sound insulation of the drawing board and anti- Scraper, etc., so that home life more comfortable; in electrical aspects of innovation, such as the bathroom ceiling can be installed on the audio module, so that we can also hear the sound of the bath when listening to music, so that people fully enjoy the comfortable moments.
  With the MAX Wall Series manufacturers continue to improve the technology, MAX Wall Series of quality and MAX Wall Series of features can continue to improve. At the same time welcome customers to build an integrated tour,
 Now MAX Wall Series decoration more and more widely, has also been accepted by the vast number of consumers. In order to ensure that the MAX Wall Series has a good effect, we need to be prepared before the installation, then we should be prepared specifically what? What tools do I need to prepare? The following MAX series of manufacturers of small series for everyone detailed MAX Wall Series installation need to prepare the tool.
   The first is to prepare the drilling device, the general MAX Wall Series in the installation time is to drill, so as to effectively ensure the convenience of installation, so if we need to install the MAX Wall Series, then to prepare the device.
   Followed by some fixed parts is also ready in advance, such as screws or fixed steel plate should be transported to the construction site, whether it is the final fixed or temporary fixed will be used, in order to quickly complete the installation, We must be ready, so when you need it can be used at any time.
   In the MAX Wall Series installation process, to determine the MAX Wall Series of large installation height and level is a very important work. So how do we need to determine the installation of the MAX Wall Series? MAX Wall Series of manufacturers of professionals that MAX Wall Series installation height and level are by the MAX Wall Series of the installation of the corners to determine? The following Xiaobian specifically for everyone to organize the relevant MAX series of relevant knowledge.
 1, first in the case of the tile to the top of the case, the other side of the wall from the ground 2.25 meters error does not exceed 5 inside the location to take a little, and then use a transparent pipe to fix the other side of the wall coincides with the point, then the bomb line, these Are in order to determine the location of the hole, you can use the previously prepared diamond drill hole.
  2, if the height of the MAX Wall Series can be directly used to determine the height of the tile, then you can use 3cm thickness * wall length of the wood, with steel nails will be fixed on the tile wall, and then you can simply according to Installation height in the wood with ink bucket pop-up horizontal line, and then is installed side of the income.