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Theory Of Turbulence

Feb 09, 2017

Clean rooms distinguished by its flow, including turbulence (non-unidirectional flow) clean room, unidirectional flow cleanrooms and radial flow clean room (also called a vector flow clean room), this section focuses on the turbulent flow clean rooms. It was noted above, regardless of the clean room is, it is turbulent flow. So why not call turbulent flow clean room?

Turbulent flow clean room name was borrowed for Japanese, but turbulence is turbulence in Japanese means, and China as early as in the clean air measures formally adopted the meaning of the word is both turbulent flow instead of the hydrodynamic turbulence on the proper noun. International used to call this clean room non-unidirectional flow clean room.

Called turbulent flow clean rooms and generally include the following various forms of air:

1. HEPA filter sent (with diffuser and without diffuser

2. the aerodynamic diffuser jacking

3. partial plate top send

4. side