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The Strength Factors Of MAX Ceiling Series Are Analyzed To Resolve The Ceiling Material

Jul 06, 2017

The strength factors of MAX Ceiling Series are analyzed to resolve the ceiling material

The current production scale is the MAX Ceiling Series of 2 million m squared and shimian 1.5 million. Years of production, sales and use of practice have proved that strength is one of the main indicators of the MAX Ceiling Series. It directly affects the quality of the board and the effect of transportation, installation and use. We have done a lot of research and research on the strength of the MAX Ceiling Series, and we have achieved 100 percent of the factory control indexes that are more than 14MPa.

MAX Ceiling Series, the influence of fineness of raw materials: selection of raw materials particles the thinner, the more the ball hot box should be finished, so in the same conditions, improve the fineness of raw materials, will improve the strength of the product. It has been proved that the strength of the products has been improved significantly after the quartz powder of silica material has been adjusted to 200 and the calcium materials with fine calcium carbide mud instead of the coarse grinding lime powder.

Effect of raw material purity: control quartz powder purity is greater than 95%. The effective CaO content in powdered lime powder is greater than 58%. The low purity of quartz powder and the low effective CaO content in lime powder means that the raw materials can be carried into useless impurities, which will inevitably affect the strength of the products. Especially should be noted that most of the impurities in quartz powder and quartz formation kaolin quality components, the composition of pure silica are lower than those of measured value, MAX Ceiling Series so the control of purity quartz powder at the same time, also pay attention to the control of impurities in the AI2O3 content.

The influence of the production ingredients: the production practice of 7 years shows that the amount of fiber and the quality of the fiber have the greatest impact on the strength of the products. Guarantee product quality stability for MAX Ceiling Series production equipment. To do:

The total amount of fiber and the total amount of asbestos are not reduced at any rate, and it is maintained at around 20%.

In asbestos, MAX Ceiling Series the proportion of cotton to medium length is maintained at 20% ~ 25% :

The asbestos standard formulation is established. MAX Ceiling Series A standard formula is established in the factory every year. Each cotton plant, each grade of asbestos, has been developed by experience to find the mutual conversion coefficient. Therefore, the strength of the products is guaranteed due to the proper conversion coefficient due to the appropriate conversion coefficient due to the appropriate conversion coefficient.

The calcium ratio (C/S) of the base material is affected: in theory, the calcium silicon ratio of the base material in chemical reaction is better than C/S = 08, and the calcium silicon ratio (C/S) can be selected from 0.3 to 08 in actual production. Calcium silicon ratio is low, MAX Ceiling Series the free S1 of the reactants by others, aluminous model board USES O2 (excess, products with high intensity. Fire resistance. High calcium silicon ratio of reactants by others, hold from CaO will increase, products of low intensity, MAX Ceiling Series xi 'an Matsumoto clapboard fire resistance difference also choose C/S in 0.3 to 0.5.