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The Main Characteristics Of Turbulent Flow Clean Rooms

Feb 09, 2017

Main characteristics of turbulent flow clean rooms are never flow to the stream (from outlet to outlet) air circulation between sections are changing, much larger than the inlet section of clean room section, thus not in section or in the workspace section formed uniform airflow. Therefore, the air outlet line after each other as great or greater angle, radius of curvature is small, air cannot flow in a single direction in the Interior will be each other's impact will be reflux, Vortex. This determines the fluid essence of turbulent flow clean rooms are: abrupt flow non-uniform flow.

Than described by a turbulent flow clean rooms more precise and more comprehensive. Turbulence depends on the Reynolds number, which is mainly under the influence of velocity, but send a HEPA filter air form, even if the flow rate is very low, to produce the above results, this is because it is a mutation of flow and non-uniform flows. Therefore in this case not only the flow between the mixing by turbulent flow, but also across the room, the larger reflux, Vortex mixing that occurs.

So, broadly speaking, principle of turbulent flow clean rooms is: when a breath of clean air from the inlet into the room, and quickly spread, mix, and almost the same amount of air from the outlet to drain away, the clean air dilutes the pollution of indoor air, very high indoor air concentration of dust watered down, has been balanced. So the faster the air diffusion, the more evenly, diluting the better. Principle is the dilution of the turbulent flow clean rooms.