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The Difference Between MAX Ceiling Seriesand The Non-MAX Ceiling Series

Aug 07, 2017

The difference between MAX Ceiling Seriesand the non-MAX Ceiling Series
MAX Ceiling Series is simply to ceiling modules and electrical modules, are made into a standard combination of modular modules, installed together when it is installed. MAX Ceiling Series are carefully designed, professional installation to complete, and its line layout, ventilation, heating effect is to undergo a rigorous design test.
MAX Ceiling Series of industries since its inception has entered the fourth year, its degree of development, popularity is only the primary stage. The current size of the MAX Ceiling Series of brands only developed and occupied 10% - 15% of the domestic market, there are nearly 90% of the market has not yet excavated, great potential.
 MAX Ceiling Series:
   ①MAX Ceiling Series from the metal plate and electrical collection, can be divided into heating modules, lighting modules and ventilation modules. MAX Ceiling Series has the advantage of easy to install, can be flexible layout, easy to repair, these advantages make it a bathroom, kitchen ceiling of the mainstream. This set of behavior of the MAX Ceiling Series changes the monotonicity of the ceiling color.
   ② MAX Ceiling Series to follow the concept of people-oriented, more perfect function, beautifully designed, whether it is the layout of the line, or the effect of heating lights are more people to facilitate.
   ③ MAX Ceiling Series of functional components is absolutely independent, you can according to the kitchen, bathroom size, tile color, their own preferences need to choose the ceiling panel, another heating components, ventilation components, lighting components have multiple choices, Free match.
   ④ in terms of price, MAX Ceiling Series price is slightly higher than the traditional hanging items, but the MAX Ceiling Series of manufacturing materials are selected high-quality aluminum, and the traditional hanging parts of the manufacturing materials used more choice of plastic, formal manufacturing materials due to the different Their life is different, MAX Ceiling Series of life can be up to 50 years, while the traditional ceiling is very easy to aging, life, but about 10 years.
Traditional ceiling:
  ① before the use of plastic plastic plate used to do ceiling ceilings, although some plastic just can be flame retardant, but its not high temperature, in the heat time is not very long case will be deformed, faded.
  ② Yuba ventilation effect is not ideal, the so-called three-in-one, four-in-one device can not play the best function, MAX Ceiling Series using a separate professional ventilation fans or ventilation lights, so that they are in the most needed places to settle, the greatest degree Played their function.
  ③ many building materials market is not a unified specification, the thickness of the aluminum plate does not meet the national standard version of the situation is often seen, these aluminum plate because the thickness of the standard is often not cheap, and therefore occupy some of the sales market, but This kind of aluminum buckle board sound insulation effect is not ideal, therefore, we must not seek cheap.
  ④ traditional ceiling, Yuba hydropower collection as a whole, there is a big security risk.
  ⑤ the traditional ceiling in the out of the lamp, not beautiful.
Nowadays, all kinds of gifts have become an important means of business promotion, such as to buy MAX Ceiling Series of transmission, buy plate to send plate material ... ... endless. Many people in the purchase of MAX Ceiling Series, it is easy to be merchants to buy gifts to impress, while ignoring the product itself. Select the MAX Ceiling Series is the first choice of button board material. At first glance, the market MAX MAX series of products are almost the same, the price is very different. In fact there is a big difference in product material. Most of the MAX Ceiling Series of raw materials are claimed to be aluminum, but the aluminum alloy is divided into new aluminum and aluminum recovery, the new aluminum impurity content, high prices. High price of recycled aluminum prices magazine, low prices. In the existing anodizing, roller coating, film processing technology, the two kinds of aluminum is difficult to see the difference in appearance. The real difference in the use of six months or even a year later to show up.