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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The MAX Wall Series Are Here

Jul 14, 2017

The advantages and disadvantages of the MAX Wall Series are here

MAX Wall Series, belong to a new kind of adornment material, these two years have been very many consumer's attention, gradually in the family, the hotel multi-place decorate use. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the MAX Wall Series? Where can I use it for home decoration? What's the difference between MAX wall and other wall materials?

Advantage 1, material environmental protection

The MAX Wall Series formaldehyde is almost zero, the whole process is zero formaldehyde added, relatively more healthy environmental protection. This is because formaldehyde mainly exists in chemical materials, such as paint, glue, artificial board, etc. The MAX Wall Series used aluminum alloy, polyurethane and aluminum foil are environmentally friendly materials without formaldehyde. In terms of environmental protection, the MAX Wall Series has an advantage over other materials.

Advantages: good thermal insulation performance

The MAX Wall Series is also a good thermal insulation material. Compared to the ordinary plate, the series insulation effect of the MAX Wall Series is 7 degrees higher than that of the paint, which is 10 degrees above the insulation effect of the MAX Wall Series. The MAX Wall Series has the function of heat preservation because of the effect of the polyurethane insulation material in the middle layer. It is the best insulation material, including the insulation layer of the refrigerator. So with MAX Wall Series decorated house, there is obvious thermal insulation effect.

Advantage 3, sound insulation sound

Now the family is living close, the noise between neighbors is also more prominent, many families consider the sound insulation design. In terms of noise reduction, the MAX Wall Series is also better than normal walls. Experimental results show that the wall with the simplified MAX Wall Series can reduce noise by 29 decibels.

Advantage 4, waterproof and moisture-proof

In the humid climate of southern cities in February and march, warm air reflux, common indoor humidity, ceramic tile "sweat" is the most obvious phenomenon, wet weather can also cause wallpaper mold. But in the same environment, the simple MAX Wall Series dry and not wet, the moisture-proof performance is remarkable. This is why the popularity of the MAX Wall Series is higher in southern cities.

Merit five, fire rating level B1

Construction materials according to the incombustible, flame retardant, flammability, flammability is divided into multiple fire rating, including MAX series wall, fire rating for B1 level, namely, fire resistant building materials, has good flame retardant effect, in line with the household fire safety, avoid fire.

Easy to clean and clean

Wall paper, paint, scraping white, these metope adornment is not resistant to dirty, very easy to be painted by the child all sorts of color, cleanness rises more difficult. MAX Wall Series after the high temperature coating process, can resist dirt and dirty, wipe with the rag can remove the stain easily, use the old and new.

These are the advantages of the MAX Wall Series. What are the disadvantages of the MAX Wall Series?

Defect one, installation occupies area

Now metope adornment material construction layer is the most thickly is ceramic tile, ceramic tile add cement mortar total thickness is about 1.5 CM; The second is the MAX Wall Series, which is about 1CM thick. The thinnest is coating and wall paper, the thickness is less than 0.5 CM. For a narrow space, consider the area of the MAX Wall Series.

Disadvantages 2. Transportation is not convenient

MAX Wall Series is the whole plate production, transportation, installation, length up to 6 meters long, so in the process of handling and installation, especially should be careful, in order to avoid bending the plate.

Defect three, not bear the impact of gravity

The wall series of MAX wall is filled with polyurethane material, which is less resistant to impact than ceramic tile wall. In daily life, if it is subjected to gravity shock, it may cause the surface of the material to be concave and convex.

The price of materials is high

If single from the price of material, the coating and wall paper that is cheap at present market, a square metre is only a few dozen yuan, and the price of MAX Wall Series is above 200 yuan commonly. But MAX Wall Series installation is convenient and necessary labor cost is low, and coating and wall paper decorate more cumbersome, decorate artificial and consumptive material cost is high.

Disadvantages 5. The WiFi signal is weak

Because the MAX Wall Series is metal material, metal materials weaken the telecommunication signal, making the home WIFI and phone signal weak.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of the MAX Wall Series. Now you should know about MAX Wall Series. In combination, the MAX Wall Series conforms to the current environmental protection and quick decoration concept, which is highly regarded by many people.