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Teach You MAX Door Series Maintenance Tips MAX Door Series Waterproof Moisture Better

Aug 28, 2017

Teach you MAX Door Series maintenance tips MAX Door Series waterproof moisture better
We can help you to sort out the MAX series of maintenance precautions and tips, so that your MAX series of waterproof and moisture-proof effect is better, more longevity and durable.
 MAX Door Series waterproof and moistureproof product selection
The MAX gate series is the first choice for many people to buy. But encountered wet weather, in the waterproof and waterproof performance is slightly less. Especially the wet south, and kitchen, bathroom, toilet door, perennial and intimate contact with water vapor, once the MAX Door Series finish is completely eroded, wood exposed, it is inevitable rotten moldy. Therefore, Kangda experts recommend the majority of families: combined with the actual start, you can use simple resin doors and aluminum alloy resin door.
MAX Door Series clean cotton wipe
Steel MAX Door Series: processing steel MAX Door Series of surface stains, the use of soft cotton cloth wipe, because the hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface of the door; especially to note that the immersion of neutral reagents or water wipes do not in the steel MAX Door Series surface for a long time, otherwise it will damage the surface, so that the decorative material discoloration or stripping.
Real use of neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture for cleaning agent And then dry wipe; pay attention to the neutral reagent or water cloth should not be placed in the MAX Door Series for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface, so that the surface material discoloration or stripping; Note MAX Door Series of edges and corners do not More polished, otherwise it will cause the edge of paint off.
How does the MAX Door Series be cleaned and maintained
MAX Door Series glass: can be wiped with a rag vinegar wipe clean. If the window is covered with oil, you can first spray the glass on the full cleaning agent, and then paste the plastic wrap, so that the solidification of softening, over ten minutes later, tear off the plastic wrap, then wipe with a damp cloth.
Shade: clean the screen, the first window of the windows should be removed. Place the removed shade in the bathtub or the tub next door. Rinse gently with soft water pipes or showers to remove sticky spider webs, dust and other dirt; secondly, install some soapy water with a bucket, dip some soapy water with a short brush and then gently on the screen Scrubbing to ensure that the screens are already covered with enough soap bubbles; finally, clean the soap with soft water pipes or showers and wait for the air to dry.
Aluminum alloy series MAX Door Series: aluminum alloy resin MAX Door Series installation process are not on the aluminum alloy protective tape to protect the necessary protection. The construction of the profile caused by the handling of the corner corner knock, bump coating, it is necessary to prevent the phenomenon of abnormal corrosion in the MAX Door Series of construction process for the aluminum alloy MAX series of profiles protection is critical in the production process all the operation Must pay attention to prevent the profile of the surface coating knock, bumps, made into the MAX series of finished products must be installed in the frame before the protective adhesive tape, the installation of the wall should be prohibited after the stampede, need to put a scaffolding, the application of wood and other materials will MAX Door frame to protect.
Hardware tips and maintenance tips
Door lock: should be opened on both sides of the security lock, with the feel of the lock lock, the more heavy the use of cylinder material thicker, the more wear and tear. On the contrary, the material is thin, easy to damage. Second, look at the surface of the lock finish, whether delicate and smooth, no spots. Repeatedly open to see the sensitivity of the cylinder spring.
Lock core: When the rotation is not flexible enough, you can scrap a small amount of black powder from the pencil core, light into the keyhole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant. Do not drip the oil, because it will be easier to stick to dust.
To spring: MAX Door Series of the spring, should be stainless steel or copper surface, after the official use of the installation, should be around the opening and closing speed adjustment, in order to facilitate the use. The hydraulic part can not leak oil. You can also use a door opener.