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Required Equipment

Feb 09, 2017

Air shower

Air shower series is a versatile partial purification equipment, installed in the clean room and between the non-kosher. When people and goods entering a clean area to the air shower room shower, blowing clean air can be removed and goods carried by the dust, can effectively block or reduce the dust source into clean areas. Air shower/shower goods before and after two-door electronic interlocking, and can play the role of air brakes, halting the purified air into clean areas.

Goods shower

Goods got room, solid name thought meaning, that for goods dedicated of blow got room, and called goods got channel, and goods got door, and widely applies Yu electronic, food, and packaging enterprise of logistics channel at, on is into clean workshop for operation processing of goods raw materials and the tool for blow got, reached filter removal dust particles, into no dust workshop of raw materials clean of effect. for each enterprise logistics channel of site size and need blow got of goods raw materials transport way size of different, so goods got room no unified of standard, all for non-standard products. Shower goods-in both the ordinary goods shower and infrared voice prompt goods shower room, as well as automatic sliding door shower goods.