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Partial Purification

⑴ clean laminar flow hood: clean laminar flow hood is the hospital air purification devices locally. May constitute a vertical laminar flow, surrounded by a transparent curtain. High cleanliness can be maintained within the entire Hood (thousands to Baiji) air. The clean laminar flow hoods are used for treatment of immunocompromised patients protection, also known as the sterile hospital bed laminar flow hood.

⑵ purification station: horizontal or vertical laminar flow clean air inside the tank, purification in the console can be achieved at a very high level.

C electrostatic sterilization cleaning technology: electrostatic sterilization is using the principles of industrial dust, innovations in miniaturization technology. Using thin wire discharge electrode and the formation of honeycomb aluminum collector line level device; use electrostatic adsorption of mirror force.

Currently has a three level purification device, that pre filter-efficient filter-activated carbon adsorption, combined are ion electrostatic adsorption except bacteria, and used Gale volume air purification, to guarantee indoor air purification times, better to solution has hospital focus sector as operating room, and ICU, and maternal and child ward, and blood dialysis room, was situation Xia of air continued disinfection problem, can makes hospital indoor air of purification clean degrees reached 100,000 level ~ 10,000 level.

D ion purification technology: anion is a negatively charged chemical groups, can undergo reversible changes, time is very short, not the ability to kill microbes by themselves and, largely electrically charged ions and particles in the air, in particular Microbe particles, forming a plurality of particle aggregation and sedimentation quickly, the purpose of purifying the air. Negative ions in the air only when we have certain chemical properties, such as reactive oxygen ions, they have the ability to kill microbes against protein, negative ion air purification capacity is limited, the microorganisms in air particle removal rate can reach 70%~90%.