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On The Development Degree And Order Degree Of MAX Wall Series Market

Jul 06, 2017

On the development degree and order degree of MAX Wall Series market

Market development degree is a comprehensive evaluation of MAX Wall Series market an important aspect, reflect the economic ties between MAX Wall Series of market activity main body close degree, complete supporting conditions, that is, all kinds of markets. Calcium silicate board partition ceiling series and all kinds of MAX wall market development degree is low, mainly displays in the market the object structure, the development of commodity market and technology market, service market disequilibrium. Don't match, has affected the MAX Wall Series market deepening and efficiency; In the market time structure, the spot market is too large, the loan transaction has no rule fluctuation and the credit degree of "triangular debt" is inferior and disorderly; The spatial structure of the market, because of the serious existence of the wall plate of the city of xi 'an in the administrative region of xi 'an, caused the fragmentation of the market system, which hindered the process of normal trading activities. The radiation force of the market system of the calcium silicate plate is based on the establishment quantity and development scale of the professional market. From the economic regulation of the enterprise, the proportion of the total number of total enterprises can be analyzed. From a number of professional market, the vast majority of MAX Wall Series flow is small, comprehensive sales enterprise. Professional products market is rare, and the scale is not large. From the point of the whole market, to market, strong radiation ability of MAX Wall Series management enterprise also rare, MAX Wall Series wide market space having sex and its radiation formed a very strong contrast, from the point of industry enterprise rules chess, is a dismal, built in 1988 in the national independent nuclear Bi aluminous gusset plate wholesale building materials and other than gold and complete mineral products 55859 enterprises, according to how much the number of categories, more than 3000 people 55 of large enterprises, accounts for about 0.1% of the total, Chinese style screen partition medium-sized enterprises 2280, 500-3000 people, 4% of the total, 500 people below there are 53524 small business, accounting for 95.82%. Obviously, MAX Wall Series mainly small businesses in the industry, and MAX Wall Series enterprise average scale is small, production of glass furnace size is only an average of 230 tons, cement the average size of only 37000 tons, while Japan is ten thousand tons, 45 times that of our country. It can be seen that the professional level of MAX Wall Series market in China is low.

The market has the bathroom aluminum gusset top dimension. Market orderly degree refers to the standardization of market participants' behavior art glass partition, standardization and rationalization of degree, as well as to the macroeconomic regulation and control and the degree of acceptance and reaction of the market norms. The order of MAX Wall Series market is very low. In market competition, different rules of market participants activity is different, the freedom of small state-owned enterprise activities, degrees of freedom of the individual and the activities of the foreign capital enterprise, and because of the market competition of the relevant laws and regulations is not sound, even without such as "fair competition", non-standard market behavior is difficult to sanctions, economic disputes occurs, not by the law to solve, but by administrative means. Even in the interests of local governments, local governments openly protect offenders. Thus the wall of glass makes the MAX Wall Series market often in chaos.