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MAX Wall Series Three Color Matching Principles

Oct 09, 2017

Method 1: Strong wall color is best suited for use with white MAX Wall Series
In general, the use of white MAX Wall Series is the most difficult to do the wrong approach, especially when the wall has a strong color when, MAX Wall Series color selection of white will not take away the original wall to emphasize the color, otherwise It is easy because of too much color and the feeling of disorder.
Method 2: MAX Wall Series selection factor
Select the color of the MAX Wall Series generally need to examine the color of the tiles and the color of the kitchen to coordinate and harmonize the principle; dark color aluminum buckle is generally embellished, unless the designer specially designed style.
Method three: MAX Wall Series color can not be deeper than the floor, the top color, generally no more than three colors
Choose the most basic rule of the color of the MAX Wall Series, that is, the color is not better than the floor, otherwise it is easy to have a top-heavy feeling. If the wall color is a light-colored series, with white MAX Wall Series will be more appropriate.
The lighting conditions of the room have a great influence on the choice of MAX Wall Series color. Good lighting room, the choice of the scope is relatively loose; and the lower floor, lighting is not enough room should pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color suitable ceiling, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker colors.
The overall decoration style of the family is the primary factor in determining the color of smallpox. The MAX Wall Series is the perfect choice for the MAX Wall Series, which is the mainstream of the MAX Wall Series, to highlight the art style and become a hot choice, with a new processing technology integrated into art elements.
MAX Wall Series is also very important with the furniture. Ceiling color to be able to set off the color of furniture is better. In the choice of the best to calm and soft as the main tone, because the decoration of the ceiling is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances will not often change, choose a relatively neutral tone will be relatively safe.
From the hue, the bright plastic furniture is larger, can be combined with a variety of colors of smallpox; but dark furniture and dark MAX Wall Series with extra care, they are easy to feel depressed. MAX Wall Series wholesale manufacturers said that in environmental protection you do not have to worry about it not only has irreplaceable environmental protection features, into more artistic elements, but also into the high-tech nano-technology coatings, so that your ceiling shine, Such as flowers and vines, auspicious patterns, color texture onto your ceiling above the MAX Wall Series, the art on top of the brilliant, kitchen upper space is no light and light, began to become vivid.
The living room is the whole indoor core area, people use the most frequent in life. The living room functions to relax, play, entertain, eat and so on. The so-called living room living room, as the center of the entire room, the living room worthy of more attention, the importance of living room decoration is self-evident.
Because of the advent of MAX Wall Series, it is stylish and generous, environmental health, the installation cycle is short and many other advantages by people of all ages, and now the living room decoration are generally less MAX Wall Series, then joined the MAX Wall Series decoration design should pay attention to what?
If you choose the dark MAX Wall Series, will be the dark and the floor corresponding to produce a negative visual effect, and deeper than the color of the floor, then there will inevitably be "top-heavy" feeling. In contrast, the choice of light-colored MAX Wall Series is the most harmonious.
Now many people will brush the wall into a more beautiful color, light-colored MAX Wall Series with its color, less easily overwhelming, and even produce the feeling of color confusion. White is also a wild color, and then design the home is the most error-prone.