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MAX Wall Series Decoration Industry Prospects How

Aug 07, 2017

MAX Wall Series decoration industry prospects how
        MAX Wall Series decoration because of its health and environmental protection concept, with the improvement of living standards and more and more emphasis on environmental protection by the mall favorite. Because of the common advantages of the MAX Wall Series decoration, it also brings a lot of speculators to the loopholes, and thus all the work of the MAX Wall Series chaos, today's small clean up under the MAX Wall Series decoration of the disadvantages.
MAX Wall Series manufacturers competition disorder, manufacturers, dealers hit the price war, each digging the corner, resulting in MAX series of manufacturers competition more and more intense, profit is more and more Mianbao. But the injured are always consumers, pay is also directly transported to the consumer.
As the MAX Wall Series of emerging industries, the MAX Wall Series of the so-called new products, is nothing more than to add points to the goods style, color, a nice appellation, add a little gimmick, but only to the MAX series of work and consumers Have a sense of fatigue, so we are looking around. And MAX Wall Series decoration as an industrial downstream terminal links, will inevitably be hit.
The proportion of the impact of shopping malls in any of the work of the shopping malls are regular to follow, like a river - the water is always flowing from high to bottom, but assuming that the rivers of the river bed, the reef Established, then it will not be the flow of water is turbulent is fast. Because, many expenses are necessary to spend loyalty, but the MAX Wall Series decoration is very simple and shoddy brand and the proportion of loss of decoration work, if so hurt in addition to the consumer, should be more as MAX Wall Series decoration at all levels of supply Business.
Originally for the MAX Wall Series of decorative shopping malls prospects, benevolent see benevolent wise see wisdom, trust parties have a common idea, but MAX Wall Series decoration want to get a real development and blooming vitality, more lies in our work practitioners from their own Start, because the goods is the service consumers after all.
Today, the brothers moved to new home, to his house to watch, decoration is very luxurious, asked the cost of brother decoration, only tens of thousands is in the shock, deliberately told me that his decoration is not just decent works is still sub-project, The nanny of the fire burned the house and killed the housekeeper. He could not burn the house. From him to understand that he used the MAX Wall Series, the effectiveness of fire-retardant, really on the MAX Wall Series that vibration, especially to understand the next MAX series of the wall.
There are two series of MAX wall: bamboo fiber and aluminum alloy. These two MAX series of walls have a lot of functions, such as fire and moisture, noise and noise reduction, convenient equipment, etc. I am most interested in is the fire in the end how to, I went to find a special resolution to try to fire.
The main play is the bamboo fiber series of MAX wall, the plate a little weight, my tool is a lighter, ready to information, the following began to burn board information, with lighters burning wood fiber 30 seconds, there are flames, lighter from the flames gradually subsided, A smell hit, bamboo fiber MAX Wall Series test is completed, conclusion: fire effect Usually, a smell of smell of plastic is very red nose.
Bamboo and wood fiber MAX Wall Series fire test
Now change the aluminum alloy series of MAX, and this little bit of toothache, how to burn aluminum metal Yeah, but still have to try, there is a comparison, with a lighter burned a minute what did not, in addition to the appearance of black Black carbon deposition, and no smell, conclusion: fire to an excellent, no Han smell.
Aluminum alloy MAX Wall Series fire test
It seems my brother did not tell me to joke that the MAX Wall Series is really ferocious, and now home improvement really able to complete the fire, we see this article hope to forward, with the MAX Wall Series to the probability of fire with a small number.