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MAX Door Series Selection And Maintenance

Sep 18, 2017

MAX Door Series selection and maintenance
We choose the MAX Door Series when not like the choice of ordinary room door, there should be more attention to the place; we use the bathroom door when you need to pay attention to the place there will be a lot. The development of science and technology so that many families in the decoration of the bathroom when no longer simply choose metal or ceramic tile toiletries, but more and more choice of wood, wood color sense of soft, will not give people the impression of cold.
MAX Door Series mainly focus on privacy and water resistance and other factors, you can choose to design a stylish full frosted semi-glass door type. PVCMAX Door Series is a very good choice!
We can choose the following questions when choosing and maintaining the MAX Door Series:
First, the choice of plate is the key. Good plate can extend the life of wooden doors, would like to choose a good bathroom door, the main material can not sloppy. Tips: not only waterproof to moisture, in line with national standards of environmental protection materials E1 is the key to protecting the health of their families.
Second, the slightest observation. Select the MAX Door Series must pay attention to a small part of the human design, this is the key to the success of the door to buy the bathroom. The selection must not let go of the small part of the MAX Door Series of production is professional through the details of the observation can be aware of.
Fourth, the internal space can not be ignored. After the general use of the MAX Door Series, the interior of the bathroom sheet began to deform, because the water inside the bathroom condensed into water droplets on the MAX Door Series, soaking. Areas that are not easily noticed will have serious consequences due to neglect of protection and attention. PVC resin MAX Door Series is not afraid of water is not afraid of tide, you can absolutely rest assured!
Fifth, the installation process to be in place. When installing the MAX Door Series, it is often necessary to cut the hole on the door surface. The multi-function sealing tape can be used to cut the edge of the plate and play a better waterproof and moisture-proof effect. It is only the first step to select the MAX gate series. Water droplets and water vapor is pervasive, you want to completely waterproof to choose a professional brand, from all aspects of waterproof and moisture.
The basic components of the MAX Door Series are rails, pulleys and drive belts. Because these three parts are directly related to the operation of the MAX gate series, it is the wearing parts of the MAX Door Series under normal conditions. Its structural design, material, machining precision, installation and adjustment precision determine its maintenance requirements and service life. The life of the MAX Door Series of electrical components is primarily related to improper use and accidental accidents.
For a long time, the design of the MAX Door Series slide is completely different from that of the non-MAX Door Series slide. The latter usually has two horizontal parallel rails, two (or four) pulleys through the middle of the connection with the suspension of the mobile door connected to move the door center of gravity just between the support of the two rails , The formation of a stable "hanging", this stable structure can achieve good stability and mute effect. However, the MAX Door Series of slides due to the door frame to take into account the fixed, the door hanging and adjustment, installation of electrical components and exterior cover installation and other functions, so the ultra-simple way is to design the slide as a single side Slide, the door on one side through the pulley lateral hanging on the slide, the formation of side suspension. The advantage of this design is the ease of installation and adjustment of the door, maintenance is also easy. However, this design has many fatal weaknesses.
Therefore, the use of this MAX Door Series must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of the pulley and rail upper gap easy to slide the door, the use of security is not guaranteed. So choose this MAX Door Series must pay attention to the strength of the MAX Door Series of wind pressure. This unstable operation makes the drive load constantly changing and has a great impact on the life of the electrical components. Side of the suspension structure, the support force on the door in a line, the door center of gravity due to the installation of the accuracy of the error and the impact of wind, so that the door is not only static side pendulum also produce dynamic side pendulum. For this reason, this MAX Door Series of the lower part of the door guide block, commonly known as "only pendulum", the use of a bearing, bearing diameter is smaller than the lower part of the door guide groove, the door in the two directions under the conditions of swing Can run. This side of the vibration generated by the performance of the performance of the noise, the consequences will inevitably lead to wear the pulley and rail.