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MAX Door Series's Routine Maintenance Method

Sep 07, 2017

MAX Door Series's routine maintenance method
       MAX Door Series as an important part of modern home decoration, more and more families have adopted, especially the high-end MAX Door Series, not only look luxurious, but also gives a sense of heavy, so we are loved. However, most people only in the purchase of MAX Door Series to see some material and price comparison of information, but few people pay attention to the maintenance of the installation after the problem, especially in the winter, if not pay attention, it is easy due to indoor temperature and use Problems, causing damage to the MAX Door Series phenomenon. So how to effectively protect the MAX Door Series in winter?
       First of all, in the summer, MAX Door Series after the heat of the smoked, one into the autumn and winter, due to changes in temperature, so often to add water treatment.
       Second, the room ventilation is good, but also MAX Door Series maintenance of the key, but pay attention to ventilation time and indoor and outdoor temperature difference, time is short, no effect, too long but will play a side effect.
       Third, the indoor temperature should not be too high, many families are using geothermal, although the room is very warm, but MAX Door Series is very hurt, because the geothermal basically reached more than 23 degrees, warm room at the same time, But more dry.
       Fourth, for the above problems, most families take a humidifier approach to solve, although this is a very effective way to people on the furniture are good, but often because of improper use, but on the MAX Door Series damage.
       The correct way is: the humidifier to be placed in the MAX Door Series at least two meters away from the time to set the humidification time and the amount of humidification, it is best to fix the time every day.
       Fifth, the best way is often with a professional plant containing the essence of maintenance agent to maintain it, such maintenance agent can lock the water. For high-end MAX Door Series, this is the preferred method.
       Sixth, the MAX Door Series wax is also a good way, and bright, but also play a protective role, it can be said to serve two purposes
       Seventh, wipe MAX Door Series, found that the above stains are too heavy, there is no ready-made curing agent, toothpaste can be used to replace the temporary replacement.
       Eighth, switch MAX Door Series, be sure to pay attention to not too much force, strong vibration is MAX Door Series the most deadly damage.
       Ninth, avoid the general household cleaning agents (such as washing powder, detergent, etc.) to wipe MAX Door Series, such chemical products for the MAX Door Series, equivalent to poison in general.
       Tenth, do not use the hands or cloth with grease to touch the MAX Door Series, as a way to block the MAX Door Series ventilation holes, looks like the inside of the lock of moisture, but the oil will penetrate into, but lead to moisture Was squeezed out.
   Bedroom door is the most important thing to consider the privacy and create a warm atmosphere, and thus more use of light transmission and weak door type; book door to choose sound insulation effect, good light transmission, strong sense of the door design , Can produce simple and elegant scholarly charm; kitchen door to choose waterproof, sealed good door type, in order to effectively block the cooking when the fumes, such as semi-translucent semi-glass doors; bathroom doors focus on privacy and Waterproof and other factors, in addition to the use of materials unique to the unique MAX Door Series, but also choose the design of the whole frosted semi-glass door.
      On the other hand, the color of the MAX Door Series is closely related to the color of the walls, floors and furniture. Designer Wang Dianfei suggested that if you do not have much to grasp, you just close the door to a "big environment" can be, or the ground or furniture or decoration, and then in the details of the difference, so that will not go wrong; another point Is the MAX Door Series, the wall and the ground is best to keep the same color, but the color is best not to be exactly the same, so that the general direction of the details of some differences, to prevent the ground confused with the wall, weakened the sense of room space.