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MAX Door Series Of Ten Major Advantages

Jul 26, 2017

MAX Door Series of ten major advantages
In today's home decoration, people pay more and more attention to personalization, environmental protection, security. And in recent years the emergence of the MAX series because of its excellent features, is playing more and more important role of modern artists, in the living room, restaurants and other places where you can see everywhere MAX series of characters; the following decoration Xiaobian to see the MAX Door Series of the top ten advantages introduced.
MAX gate series of 10 major advantages
1, MAX Door Series insulation, heat insulation
MAX Door Series by the state-level authority to detect insulation over the existing national standard, the installation of rooms and ordinary board installation of indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees; and paint compared to a difference of 10 degrees, is our southern summer hot and northern winter cold wall The best material for decoration. This product has a unique insulation performance, the product applied to the balcony, sun room and the top of the villa space completely solve the top of the sun exposure. To achieve significant energy-saving effect, but also belong to the country to vigorously promote energy-saving decorative materials.
2, MAX Door Series sound insulation
MAX Door Series by the national authority of the department to detect sound insulation up to 29 decibels, the equivalent of the sound of the wall, such as for the toilet to solve the obvious water under the water, can also be applied to various types of factory noise room.
3, MAX Door Series fire
MAX Door Series how by the state-level authority to detect fire rating to b1 level, basically meet the fire requirements of the project.
4, MAX Door Series super hardness
The MAX Door Series is a combination of aluminum alloy sheet and polyurethane, which increases the strength and hardness of the product and can be used in all kinds of retaining walls.
5, MAX Door Series of waterproof moisture
This product has moisture-proof performance, especially adapted to the decoration of the South, in particular, to solve the southern home decoration wall leakage formation moldy.
6, MAX Door Series of green
MAX Door Series of products used in the surface of the raw materials are all MAX series of environmentally friendly materials, the installation of the room environment tasteless, the room as a whole renovation, then there is no paint this process to solve the decoration materials time and paint taste, today installed tomorrow Can save a lot of time.
7, MAX Door Series installation convenience
MAX Door Series of products in the design of the traditional Kouban installation, greatly solve the cumbersome installation of other aluminum, but do not need professionals and ordinary carpentry master will be installed, can be installed directly on the furrow wall, Save time and save space.
8, MAX Door Series easy to scrub is not deformed
MAX Door Series of products can be a strong surface can be used to directly scrub the cloth, completely solve the problem, the product used in the polyurethane composite technology, product shape to achieve no deformation and no aging effect.
9, MAX Door Series of fashion space
MAX Door Series products can be applied multi-function, can be directly deduction, spell, docking and other fantasy combination.
10, MAX Door Series to save space