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MAX Door Series Of Construction Technology

Jun 13, 2017

MAX Door Series of construction technology
1, the process: the base or floor treatment → hanging straight, sets of routines, looking for rules, elastic line → calculation materials, cutting fabric → paste fabric → install the face or decorative edge, brush trim paint → MAX door series in principle Is the interior of the room, the top decoration has been basically completed, the wall and wood decoration floor finish, began to do the surface decoration into the MAX door series of decorative decoration and installation works.
2, the base or floor treatment: where the door to do the MAX series of decorative grassroots, mostly in the structure of the wall in advance embedded wood bricks, wipe the cement mortar leveling layer, brush spray cold base oil. Paving a felt two oil moisture layer, the installation of 50mm × 50mm wooden wall (450mm from the distance), the upper five plywood, see Figure 9-25. This base or floor is actually the standard practice of the room. Such as to take a direct paving method, the grassroots must be carefully dealt with, the method is to first floor patchwork with oil putty flattened, full of putty 1 to 2 times, until the putty dry sandpaper after grinding, paste before the grass-roots Surface covered with clear oil (varnish + banana water) together. If there is a filling layer, this process can be simplified.

3, hanging straight, sets of routines, looking for rules, according to the design drawings, the room needs MAX door series of decorative size, shape, etc. through the straight, sets of routines, looking for rules, warp and other processes, the actual design The size and shape of the implementation to the wall.

4, the calculation of materials, cutting filler and fabric: First, according to the requirements of the design drawings to determine the MAX door series of specific practices. There are two general practices, one is directly paving method (this method is relatively simple operation, but the grass-roots or floor flatness requirements are higher), the second is the system of paving inlay method, this method has a certain degree of difficulty, Horizontal horizontal, not skew, size must be accurate and so on. Need to do positioning signs to facilitate the condemnation. And then in accordance with the design requirements for the calculation of materials and the end of the village (filler), fabric cutting work. Pay attention to the same room, the same pattern and fabric must use the same volume of material and the same parts (including filler) sets of fabric.

5, paste the fabric: such as the use of direct paving construction, the wall should be completed to complete the basic decoration, the border paint to live conditions, can be pasted fabric; if the prefabricated plywood inlay method, is not subject to this limit, Can work in advance to paste the fabric. First, according to the design drawings and design requirements of the first paste filler (such as foam, polystyrene or mineral wool, wood, plywood, etc.), according to the design materials (adhesive glue, nails, wood screws, Head nails, copper wire, etc.) to fill the cushion layer in the prefabricated plywood inlaid floor, and then the fabric in accordance with the positioning logo to find the right and left coordinates up and down, first of all the upper with wood and nails temporary fixed, and then the bottom and two Side position to find a good, you can press the design requirements paste fabric.

6, the installation of face or decorative edge: According to the design and processing of a good face or decorative edge, according to the design requirements of the first paint brush (to live conditions), you can prefabricated paved inlaid decorative panels Installation work, first after the test to meet the design requirements and effects, they can be fixed with the base and install the face or decorative edge, and finally repair brush edge paint to survive.

7, finishing the MAX door series: such as the MAX door series of construction arrangements, the repair of the MAX door series of work is relatively simple, if the construction inserted earlier, due to increase the finished product protective film, the dressing a larger amount; for example, increase dust removal, Nail sticky protective film nail and glue marks processing.