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Max Cleanroom Products Production Trend Is Normalized And Standardized.

Jan 12, 2018

Kunshan Max Cleanroom System Co.,Ltd has been listed on the stocket market sucessfully, and also passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification.So each department work towards standardization and regularization moving forward, the production planning in strict accordance with the factory security requirements of 5 s, strives for perfection, to keep the production workshop orderly.


Our factory has successfully completed Ethiopia, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries. product include 50, 100, 75 cleanroom wall panel and other specifications of the cleanroom lamps and cleanroom doors and Windows, purification and so on.

 In order to meet the demand of the supply of orders, the production workshop to improve staff work efficiency, optimize product quality,Max pay more attention to every detail of cleanroom products, providing customers with high quality cleanroom products and services.