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MAX Ceiling Series Of Decoration Process Need To Pay Attention To What Matters

Aug 28, 2017

MAX Ceiling Series of decoration process need to pay attention to what matters
 Now MAX Ceiling Series decoration has gradually become a trend, beautiful, practical features make the MAX Ceiling Series more and more by the consumption of the trust. In order to ensure the use of MAX Ceiling Series can bring good results, we need to use the MAX Ceiling Series to avoid the decoration of the errors, the following MAX Ceiling Series manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to explain the common decoration errors,
  Now the MAX ceiling plate used in the aluminum plate gradually replaced the traditional gypsum board, PVC ceiling. Many of the MAX Ceiling Series of decoration knowledge do not understand the customer, may be relatively simple to think that the use of MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slab plate thickness, not the heavier the better. In fact, we often use the national standard aluminum slab plate thickness of 0.6 mm.
 First, the use of the owners do not know the market, seeking big and thick psychological
 Second, is to cover up its technical defects. In fact, if the use of raw materials is impure, but the quality of the aluminum off the aluminum plate, gusset plate no way evenly thin, but it is impossible to do very thin aluminum plate, can only do thick, and 0.8 mm plate Are generally used in the field of tooling.
   For the thickness of the MAX Ceiling Series, we have the best advice for professional staff, such as MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum plate, specifications, length, thickness and other information, while the naked eye and feel to judge. If you are too troublesome and can not distinguish, consumers can choose to buy some big brands, there will be a better protection, health and safety concerns, the quality can not be sloppy ah, such as built MAX Ceiling Series is relatively large brand.
For the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slab board that we are also familiar with, but in the decoration process is also widely used. But when using the MAX Ceiling Series, it's not a lot of people to know about the MAX Ceiling Series of knowledge, and it's easy to be deceived. Especially the market MAX Ceiling Series of manufacturers a lot of production MAX Ceiling Series of quality there is a big difference, which requires us in the purchase process, to master a certain amount of knowledge, the following Xiaobian for everyone finishing on the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum gusset plate buy skills knowledge, hope to be able to help everyone.
For the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum plate we can from the following aspects to judge.
1, observe the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slab plate surface is flat, does not allow the existence of scratches and flaws and so on. In the cross-section position without black, gray, green and impurities.
2, a lot of time, we may simply observe the smoothness with the naked eye is not accurate, you can use the hand touch MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum plate surface, feeling delicate and smooth.
3, most of the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slabs if the quality is good, we use your fingers to knock, will issue a clear crisp sound, if it is poor quality may be dull sound
4, MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slab plate has a certain flexibility, good quality aluminum slab plate in the appropriate bending, you can restore to the original shape.
 There are many types of aluminum slabs on the MAX Ceiling Series, and there are significant differences in the selection of the selection of the MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slabs. Hope that the majority of consumers in the purchase of MAX Ceiling Series of aluminum slab board, we must choose the formal MAX Ceiling Series manufacturers, to avoid the use of quality management failure due to the failure of the ceiling series of aluminum panels, resulting in deformation and fall off the phenomenon.