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MAX Ceiling Series Installation Methods And Techniques

MAX Ceiling Series Installation Methods and Techniques
 Pre-installation considerations
      In the installation of the MAX Ceiling Series to determine the need to install the place where there is no leakage of the phenomenon to ensure that the circuit and other infrastructure smooth; predict the installation of the height of the room after the installation of easy to check; check the installation of the local strength, Reinforcement measures are required if the strength does not meet the requirements.
      Install the required tools
      Towels, fountains, equilateral right angle triangular ruler, scissors, cutting machine, grinding machine, hammer, pistol drill, steel consultation, wood hammer, hammer, 8 inch wrench, impact drill, word / Phillips screwdriver, Test pen, saw bow, saw blade and so on.
      Installation Step 1:
      1, according to the amount of good size, in the MAX Ceiling Series on the brick hole into the expansion tube screw, pay attention MAX Ceiling Series and the roof between the sandwich height of not less than 25cm screw must be perpendicular to the ceiling, and fixed prison, To keep parallel.
      2, in the ceiling to take an average of six points with hammer drilling (do not affect the electrical installation). Measure the distance from the top to the corners, cut the actual distance of 8-10cm short screw, one side screw on a nut and then spin the expansion screw (screw exposed about 3 mm), the other side screwed into the nut The main keel hanging pieces, and then screw into a nut fixed.
      3, the expansion screw and screw connection into the hole, the large MAX Ceiling Series and the diameter of 6mm screw connection, the screw screw into the screw, and then into the big hanging pieces, and then screwed into the nut, and so on You can.
      Installation Step 2:
      Keel installation is very important, keel installed a good board and electrical installation will be a lot of smooth.
      1, the size of the big pieces of the test, the main keel in the hanging pieces, cut the required size, after the card to keep the main keel parallel.
      2, the triangle hanging pieces into the triangular keel, followed by fixed in the main keel, fixed triangular keel before the distance between the keel adjusted to 300mm. In the buckle front row of the hood of the outlet pipe, if not install the range hood, do not need.
      3, the specific method is: in the installation length minus 5mm and then intercept the required triangular keel. Triangle hanging pieces into the triangular keel, the triangle hanging pieces on the main keel. Pay attention to the same root card in the main keel on the triangular keel hanging pieces, the card to the opposite, so continue to install the back will not swing.
      Installation Step 3:
      1, the first connector will be inserted into the fixed triangular keel, cut the required length into the connector at the other end, intervening connection.
      2, install the buckle plate. First pull the four sides of the membrane off, according to the arrow on the membrane with the direction of installation. The first row of buckle plate installation generally use the utility knife to do cutting, pay attention to the appearance and symmetry, cutting the mouth facing the wall.
      3, will cut a good buckle card in the triangular keel, the incision surface frame in the edge of the edge and pull out the edge of the corner of the card will clamp the chuck, as an example to install the first row of the buckle.
      4, control the gap between the first lap plate, so that the spacing of the gusset plate is 0, four corners into a "ten" shape, buckle plate height to be consistent. The first version of the installation of the quality of the plate directly determines the quality of the back of the board.
      Installation Step 4:
      1. Insert the side of the retainer into the hole in the mounting spring of the box and insert the round hole on the box with the screw and lock it. Will be installed on the keel of the box on the keel, the four card spring opening groove aligned triangular keel in turn, the electrical box firmly locked in the triangular keel.
      2, then open the junction box, according to the corresponding function according to the wiring label to connect, and then install the switch test is energized, power on the junction box.
      3, the final overall check whether the flat plate is flat, electrical appliances are normal use, etc., where the installation of the MAX Ceiling Series is basically completed.