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Materials Needed

Feb 09, 2017

Clean room cleaning works construction when need to use the following equipment:

A. Decorative structural classes:

1: clean room by need of purification equipment main has: wind got room goods got room laminar cover (FFU) passed window efficient sent outlet (is divided into general efficient sent outlet, integration efficient sent outlet, can replaced filter network of efficient sent outlet) relief pressure valve air Regulation valve,, clean room do Hou some local purification level requirements special high, so we recommended customer using clean table, clean shed, purification equipment.

2: community structure of colored steel plate (aluminum slotted aluminum t-beam aluminum aluminum cylindrical three-dimension angle aluminum profile column joint internal circular arc door window door plug) auxiliary materials saibai nails and explosive hook angle iron bar glue, etc)

B. HVAC parts:

1. the air conditioning and ventilation air conditioning in main materials are host the airflow tubes, galvanized pipes (or PVC pipes) water tower gate valves y-type filter pump hose check valve flow switch thermometer pressure gauge water filter tube code

2: the ventilation part of material efficiency booster tank air valve air volume regulating valve in the early effect of early Venetian wind rain back to the Venetian effect filter filter HEPA filter in laminar flow hoods (FFU) insulation cotton moisturizing hoses of various auxiliary