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In Order To Reduce Leukemia, Please Use Environmental Protection MAX Wall Series To Decorate Your Home

Aug 16, 2017

In order to reduce leukemia, please use environmental protection MAX Wall Series to decorate your home
   Summer days of the instrument cool, every household is also locked windows and doors open air-conditioning, so that the air is not in circulation, there is the wall containing toxic substances can not flow, especially for children with great damage, winter cold, summer inflammation Home improvement on the environmental protection MAX Wall Series request is very high, no formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, but also the need for insulation and other functions, these needs point is very environmentally friendly MAX Wall Series to decorate their own home.
      Environmental protection MAX Wall Series in the end what structure we have to analyze, MAX Wall Series is the primary composition: nano protective layer, Boeing film, aluminum alloy, polyurethane foam film, aluminum film. Environmental protection is due to the fact that these materials do not contain toxic substances, odorless, stable data, will not penetrate the toxic substances, environmentally friendly MAX Wall Series is particularly suitable for full house decoration, only glue can be attached. Then talk about the glue composition: glue is mainly made with biological glue, the smell is not red nose, no toxic substances, is now to reach the food level to environmental protection MAX Wall Series impeccable.
      There are studies in China, there are 30 million leukemia children are mostly related to decorative building materials, the international community has been designated as a highly carcinogenic benzene, can cause leukemia and aplastic anemia. People in a short time inhalation of high concentrations of toluene or xylene, will show the performance of central nervous system anesthesia, light dizziness, disgust, severe faint will appear as a result of respiratory and circulatory failure and death. For your child's health, it is recommended that you use the environmental protection MAX Wall Series, on the one hand for the family's health, on the other hand is to social stability and carry out, Zhuo Chang environmental protection MAX series of home to make people more secure.
In the process of decorating the family, the choice of some material is also very important. In the choice of materials, not only need to take into account the price of materials, but also need to take into account the material after the decoration in the effect of the harm for the human body is also need to be calculated in the. So how to choose green green wall decoration materials?
First, environmental protection. If the home after the renovation of the house can not immediately live in the inside, because the decoration materials on the human body for some damage to the human body, so the choice of decoration materials, environmental protection is the problem we should consider in which the use of materials Should be five drugs.
Second, the price. At present, the cost of home decoration is also a lot of money, so the choice of decoration materials should also be properly selected, some of the material price is expensive, you can consider some of the more cost-effective MAX Wall Series of decorative materials. So after the installation of the whole, the money spent is not where to go.
Third, the decorative effect. The current wall decoration materials in the form of more from the frescoes to the integrated wall panels and some solid wood panels, different materials are decorated out of the effect is different, so every time you decorate the house, you can according to their own style to carry out Choose your favorite.