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How Does Public Building Use The MAX Ceiling Series To Improve The Acoustic Environment?

Jun 13, 2017

How does public building use the MAX Ceiling Series to improve the acoustic environment?
 Visual features such as concert halls, theaters, stadiums and other public requirements of the higher acoustic, generally to sound quality design. The main building, such as large shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, restaurants, station waiting hall, airport waiting hall and hospital waiting hall, such as the length of the building surface laying hard, smooth tiles, marble, granite or terrazzo floor, These surfaces are strongly reflective materials, and if this type of building does not make proper sound absorption, the reverberation time in the hall is too long to affect the clarity of listening to the broadcast notice and to interfere with the conversation between each other.

   The noise of the customer in the large shopping mall will cause the staff to produce fatigue, so it is necessary to carry out sound absorption. On the one hand through the sound absorption to reduce the reverberation time, improve the clarity of the broadcast and play the effect of music programs; on the other hand through the sound absorption to reduce acoustic reflection can also eliminate part of the mixed sound, thereby reducing the indoor noise level, improve the public places Sound environment. The use of sound-absorbing ceiling, or the installation of space absorber is a more effective technical measures. Recently the new airport terminal hall mostly use space absorber and aluminum alloy perforated decorative sound ceiling.

   There is a school for the back to the shape of graphic design, the classroom layout in the four-storey four-storey, atrium roof for the roof of the glass, the building interior reflection to form a long reverberation time, a sound will affect the entire building, Interference is very large, especially when the courtyard rest is very noisy in the building. Through the use of the roof in the courtyard under the suspension of glass square space breathing body rather than do the sound of the ceiling, this approach is a good sound absorption on the one hand, on the other hand, little impact on lighting. At the same time around the wall to install slot wood sound-absorbing panels or hole wood sound-absorbing board to eliminate the sound reflection, the sound absorption measures to obtain better results
In general, we choose the ceiling ceiling ceiling series, most of the use of perforated plate or mineral wool board as a surface decoration. But these materials are either too heavy weight, or is the sound absorption coefficient, fire, environmental protection is not up to standard. In this, Guangzhou Li sound company to recommend a high-quality smallpox sound-absorbing products --- MAX Ceiling Series of sound absorption board.

   MAX Ceiling Series sound-absorbing panels are fully sealed high-density glass wool, the surface by the special treatment of glass fiber felt, the back covered with a layer of glass fiber cloth, the board around the side through the fixed and spray treatment. Board light, with good stiffness, smooth and neat edges, corners are not easy to break. Dimensional stability, not because of long-term use and deformation or subsidence, veneer will not be yellowing due to ultraviolet radiation. Vintage reflectivity is high, making the room brighter. Do not absorb moisture and moisture, moisture-proof performance, the surface can be used wet cloth Kai, clean and easy economy. Sound-absorbing products simple structure, easy installation, fast, and the construction process will not produce dust pollution environment. The disadvantage is that the construction site can not be cut heart, non-standard size to be processed in the factory.