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How Can The MAX Door Series Be Better In The Construction Process Of The Glass Partition

Jul 06, 2017

How can the MAX Door Series be better in the construction process of the glass partition

Glass partition wall construction technology of five new countries introduced into slow development makes building materials market, and the competition in various building materials industry, building materials market continues to be preempted, the market seems to have reached the saturated state. MAX Door Series The search for new market has become the most urgent problem for the more and more MAX gate series of building materials enterprises and dealers.

1. Actively carry out distribution channels

Bedroom glass partition wall effect picture

For small and medium-sized dealers with less money, MAX Door Series it will be a new development path to strengthen the construction of distribution channels. Followed, however, due to the building materials enterprises in a short period of time to develop a large number of distribution customers, follow-up and there is no good way to help these county township distribution customer retail products, ceiling decoration materials So the customer loyalty began to fade away. According to statistics, the company's distribution customers in the country shrank by 30% in 2008, resulting in slow sales growth in 2008. For small and medium-sized dealers, MAX Door Series the same path may help sales, but it is temporary. Yet it is also a way of doing so.

2. Look at the project

Almost all companies operating light steel keel and MAX Door Series are looking at the engineering channels and are afraid. Engineering can create a group of bosses who have built up a wall of plaster over the wall, but can also bring down an enterprise. Due to the small and medium-sized dealers do not have financial strength, also do not have good social relationships, more important is do not have engineering experience, the project will involve the account receivable, bidding, enterprise qualification, and on-site supervision, MAX Door Series the whole process makes a lot of dealers and sonic step. This requires small and medium-sized enterprises to continuously increase their comprehensive strength to achieve the strength of the project channel.

Third, strengthen store retail

Store retail is the most direct way to increase dealers' sales, MAX Door Series so many of the MAX gate dealers are in one or two stores in the office glass partition. Since it is a store, there are certainly some strangers who have no business relationship to the door. Of course, door-to-door business is limited and it takes time to build up, and the longer the store is open, the more likely it is to be in a business that's not too long. Retail stores account for only a fraction of sales. Light steel keel dealer wants to do big business,MAX Door Series must change from "sit business" to "business", only active attack, ability can make the channel stronger. Aluminum gusset top size

4. Implementation of community promotion

With the guidance of some well-known brands, MAX Door Series some dealers have begun to promote the development of some new buildings and communities. The usual practice of the distributor is to recruit one or two salesmen to run in the community, so that the cost is high, and the salary of the salesman plus the commission accounts for about 15% of the total gross profit. The cost of removing some of the cost of the salesman and the cost of advertising mobile partition are basically the risks outweigh the benefits. MAX Door Series Even if one or two salesmen are recruited, how to retain talent is a headache for small and medium-sized dealers.