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Forecast And Development Of Application Prospect Of MAX Door Series In China

Jun 21, 2017

Forecast and Development of Application Prospect of MAX Door Series in China
 Many people on the MAX series of this industry is very strange, do not know the production of the MAX door series to do? Why do you want to produce so many MAX gates? Rather than steel? Here to tell you how, what is the prospects for the development of an industry, to consider all aspects! China is a big energy country, aluminum is not missing! Aluminum ceiling is a big industry, but whether the better development, we also need the country's macro-control! The following aluminum ceiling for everyone to predict our MAX series of industry prospects for the development of it!
          China's construction of aluminum in addition to the construction of doors and windows curtain wall and decorative materials, the building structure and non-construction of the structure of aluminum, but also the lack of development efforts, few examples of applications. It is noteworthy that, although the domestic construction of aluminum alloy space structure of the application of materials has just started, but it and the 20th century, 80 years, aluminum doors and windows began to replace steel doors and windows, has a wide range of applications and a huge space for development.
        According to industry analysts, although China's MAX series has a 50-year basis, 20 years of rapid development, great progress, but in the design, manufacture, use and play its maximum efficiency, etc., compared with the international advanced level still exists gap. Is one of the top ten aluminum ceiling brands, one of your choices. China's aluminum extrusion most of the enterprises started in the aluminum doors and windows curtain wall and decorative building aluminum production, to 6000 series of various grades of aluminum-based.
         As the 6000 series of aluminum alloy extrusion performance is the best category, it is also the most widely used category, the global extrusion of aluminum alloy 80% of the 6000 series alloy, so give full play to the potential of its materials, we Have to work hard under the master and master. As for the production of other alloy products, especially the series of hard alloy (2000 series and 7000 series), are more difficult to squeeze the alloy, many of our business is still less contact, lack of understanding of its Carbide processing technology to master and product development should be used, is the urgent need for many enterprises to seek development and progress.
  Experts pointed out that, in addition to the construction of the MAX door series, MAX door series of applications is quite extensive, China should use their own advantages to open up the market, bogey in the "passive" development, to actively "active" development, familiar with the material The function and the needs of the market, to do the leading innovation "alternative" development.
  At the same time, should also do the deep processing of aluminum, deep processing of aluminum extrusion products is the value of point. Aluminum doors and windows are a kind of deep processing, we should also be the MAX series through a variety of mechanical processing or molding process, as well as through welding, riveting and other processes, the user needs to be processed into a variety of parts or components for assembly The Whether it is large-scale profiles, or precision profiles, advanced deep processing technology and equipment is still needed for the development of Chinese enterprises.