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Compound will be composite or turbulent flow and laminar flow type and can provide local clean air.

⑴ clean tunnel (Clean Tunnel): the HEPA or ULPA filter process areas or work area 100% covers making cleanliness level raised to 10 above, can save installation and running costs.

This type of workers must be isolated from the product and machine maintenance, to avoid machine maintenance and quality of work, ULSI process are of such type.

Clean the tunnel has two advantages: a. elastic expansion easy; b. maintenance equipment can be easily implemented in the maintenance area.

B clean the pipe (Clean Tube): product line after the process surrounded and purification, cleanliness levels be raised to more than 100. Products and workers and isolated by hair and dust, a small amount of air to get good cleanliness, can save energy without artificial automated production line for the most appropriate use. Pharmaceuticals, the food industry and the semiconductor industry are applicable.

⑶ and local clean room (Clean Spot): clean room grade 10,000~100,000 product process of turbulent flow clean room cleanliness level for 10~1000 and above, production purposes; clean bench, clean shed, clean hood that fall within this category.

Clean bench: Class 1~100 class.

Clean work shed: for in mess flow type of clean room space within case electrostatic of transparent plastic sheeting surrounding into a small space, used independent of HEPA or ULPA and the air conditioning sent wind unit and became a high level of clean space, its grade for 10~1000 level, height in 2.5 meters around, cover area about 10m2 following, four support pillar and added loaded activities round, can for elastic using.