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College Students In Year Of 2018 Report Defense Meeting

Jun 27, 2019

On June 26th, 2019, Kunshan Max Cleanroom System Co, Ltd held a report defense for college students in year of 2018, there were all together 5 students participating this report defense. Everyone presented their study achievements, working performance, individual developing orientation and goals, necessary support in future, and also improvement suggestions. Their speeches were presented in plain, smooth language with eloquence and limpidity. The management group forwarded professional questions and feedbacks in terms of students in different positions, in order to examine their command of professional techiniques in multiple ways, which benefited students profoundly and paved way to their personal development directions. The management group also scored every students based on their performance. At the end of this meeeting, the General Manager summed up the presentations and oral defense, greatly approved sutdents’ learning achievements and comprehensive performance. And also suggested that everyone needed to put more efforts into their work, to think out of the box, to make short and long term career planning to achieve goals step by step, and also to make progress individually alongside with Kunshan Max.