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Clean Room

Feb 09, 2017

Clean room (Clean Room), also known as the clean room, clean room or clean rooms. The main functions of clean room for indoor pollution control, no clean rooms, pollution-sensitive parts can not mass production. FED-STD-2, clean room is defined as air filtration, distribution, structural optimization, material and equipment of the rooms, in which specific rules of procedure to control concentrations of suspended particles in the air, so as to achieve the appropriate particle cleanliness level. Clean degree and control pollution of continued stability, is test clean room quality of core standard, the standard according to regional environment, and purification degree, factors, is divided into several grade, common of has international standards and domestic regional industry standard, some well-known purification engineering company, in passage standard zhiwai, also has itself implementation of above international passage standard of purification index, purification capacity and environment adapted force far Super international brand.