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Air Purification Method

Feb 09, 2017

1, the overall cleaning: can be classified as laminar flow and turbulent flow. Laminar flow refers to the air flow from the side completely with the same speed and the other side of indoor dust particles or bacteria will not be launched to spread outside, and good bacteria-eliminating efficacy.

⑴ efficient filtration and degerming technology: air cleaner depends mainly on high or ultra high efficiency filtration equipment, to deliver clean air to within a specific environment and be able to keep the air clean. Filter cleaning principles: ① the net result is that it left second hole of detention c electrostatic attraction detention about detention of inertial and Brownian motion. Therefore, the filter clean technology is the result of a combination.

B filter structure: biological clean room filter level used by most as efficient or ulpa filters, filter: glass cotton material, the high-pulp filters, asbestos fibre filter materials, fibre filter materials, such as vinyl chloride. High efficiency filter media for air particles of 0.5 μ m in the detention rate can reach 90%~99%, ulpa filter resistance of particles 0.3 μ m to 99.9%.