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Advantages Of The MAX Door Series

Aug 16, 2017

Advantages of the MAX Door Series
1), anti-ultraviolet, radiation: wood structure can absorb the vast majority of ultraviolet radiation, and radiation has a strong adsorption, significantly improve the quality of home and office environment. And wood can make light scattering, reduce eye fatigue and damage.
2), reduce noise, promote sleep: the authority of the state sector testing, MAX Door Series of sound up to 29 decibels, equivalent to most of the sound insulation of the wall. Wall panels on the sound can produce a perfect diffuse reflection, can effectively buffer the impact of heavy bass, with the material itself on the sound bad sound waves of good absorption, which in the space to form a perfect 3 noise reduction function, can greatly enhance the life of 1 / 3 time sleep quality.
3), Dongnuanxialiang: MAX Door Series of wood structure will make the room Dongnuanxialiang, room air humidity can play a regulatory role. After testing, MAX Door Series of thermal insulation performance much more than the national standard, install the MAX Door Series of rooms and not installed the room than: indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees; and paint compared to a difference of 10 degrees, energy saving effect is remarkable.
4), wear-resistant fight: MAX Door Series has a high compressive strength and flexural strength, is the upgrading of latex paint products. Wear resistance, damage is far better than the common paint and wallpaper, if the child is more appropriate at home. Home TV background, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background and other areas can be a good protection of the wall.
5), health and environmental protection: wood materials, natural environmental protection, safe and tasteless. The room as a whole home improvement, can reduce the scene paint process, can be a good solution to the site decoration and paint a long time difficult to volatile problems.
6), adjust the water, clean air: wood structure can adjust the air moisture, when the air vapor pressure is greater than the wood water vapor pressure, the wood from the air to absorb moisture for moisture. And vice versa. So as to automatically adjust the indoor humidity, enhance the quality of the role of living environment. At the same time the wood structure in the desorption process can release negative oxygen ions in order to achieve the role of air purification, help ease physical and mental fatigue.
7), beautify the space: to give the essence of classical culture and art of the MAX series, elegant style, temperament grace, not only to enhance the taste of living, but also to enjoy the beauty.
  MAX Door Series as an important part of modern home decoration, more and more families have adopted, especially the high-end series of MAX, not only look luxurious, but also gives a sense of heavy, so we are loved. However, most people just buy the MAX Door Series to see some of the material and price comparison of information, but few people pay attention to the maintenance of the installation after the problem, especially in the winter, if not pay attention, it is easy due to indoor temperature and use Aspects of the problem, resulting in damage to the MAX series of the phenomenon. So how to maintain the MAX series in winter?
       First of all, in the summer, MAX series of series through the heat of the smoked, one into the autumn and winter, due to changes in temperature, so often to add water treatment.
       Second, the room ventilation is good, but also the key to the maintenance of the MAX Door Series, but pay attention to the ventilation time and indoor and outdoor temperature difference, time is short, no effect, too long but will play a side effect.
       Third, the indoor temperature should not be too high, many families are using geothermal, although the room is very warm, but the MAX Door Series is very hurt, because the geothermal basically reached more than 23 degrees, warm room at the same time, But more dry.
       Fourth, for the above problems, most families take a humidifier approach to solve, although this is a very effective way to people on the furniture are good, but often because of improper use, but on the wooden door damage.
       The correct way is: the humidifier to be placed at least two meters away from the wooden door distance, to set the humidification time and the amount of humidification, it is best to fix the time every day.
       Fifth, the best way is often with a professional plant containing the essence of maintenance agent to maintain it, such maintenance agent can lock the water. For those high-end MAX series, this is the preferred method.