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A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Cracking Of The MAX Ceiling Series

Oct 09, 2017

Now more and more home decoration will choose MAX Ceiling Series, but for various reasons, MAX Ceiling Series cracking phenomenon, not only did not produce a beautiful effect, but also brought us a security problem. The phenomenon of cracking of the MAX Ceiling Series is mainly due to the following aspects.
First, the construction materials, but off
Sealing material: The caulking material includes the seam tape and the stopper. The joint tape requires good adhesion and strength. Seal putty not only requires a good strength, cohesive, but also have a certain toughness and good construction performance. If they do not achieve the above performance, inevitably have to produce cracks.
Skeleton material: If the quality of the skeleton material can not meet the requirements, will directly affect the integrity of the skeleton, is the MAX Ceiling Series cracking and deformation of the important reasons. Such as keel and boom stiffness and straightness is not enough, it will produce internal stress, the stress in the release process gypsum board will inevitably produce deformation cracking.
Covering material: commonly used cover material is a paper gypsum board, which rely on high-strength tapping screws and keel tightly fixed together, if the gypsum board does not meet the quality requirements, gypsum board and keel can not be firmly fixed between, when When an external force is applied, the shear force is generated at the seams of the gypsum board, causing the plate to crack
Boom: MAX Ceiling Series The boom itself is bent and installed for a period of time. After the plate is gravitationally, it is gradually straightened, causing the sub-keel and gypsum board to produce uneven sinking, resulting in cracks at the seams The
Second, the installation of construction is not standardized MAX Ceiling Series cracking
When the MAX Ceiling Series keel and gypsum board installation is not the time will produce stress, the resulting stress in the MAX Ceiling Series after the completion of the project will slowly release, and when the stress is greater than the tightening force, it is easy to lead to gypsum board joints There is a crack.
1, boom installation is not standardized
When installing the keel, when the boom is installed, when the boom is not properly installed, the boom is not re-installed, but the boom is bent, so that the keel has the stress , To the future MAX Ceiling Series cracking buried hidden dangers.
2, gypsum board fixed improper
When installing the gypsum board, if there is no installation from the middle to the four sides of the screw, but from the four sides at the same time on the screw, then the gypsum board will produce stress, if the stress is large enough, it will cause cracking; Gypsum board screw spacing is too large or some screw position is correct, but if not fastened, it will lead to cracking.
3, moisture treatment is not in place
If the use of wood keel, when the moisture treatment is not done, the wood is more susceptible to moisture deformation, resulting in MAX Ceiling Series cracking. In addition, the gypsum board is also more susceptible to moisture, when the installation of screws fixed, if the hole inadvertently, the plate drilling, so gypsum board is relatively easy to deformation, resulting in the MAX Ceiling Series surface cracks.
4, scraping putty process is not in place
If the gypsum board and the wall, wood plywood and other shrinkage or shrinkage of different materials, improper handling of the interface, it will easily lead to joints putty cracking. Such as putty dry too fast, the seam is too long, putty solidification too slow, putty
Layer too thick and other reasons may be cracks.
Third, the finished product protection is not in place
When the MAX Ceiling Series foundation project is completed, there may be other work processes. If the convergence of work is not coordinated, chaotic operations, mutual interference, after the process of brutal construction, it is likely to cause the MAX Ceiling Series cracking. Such as open the lamp hole, there is no protection measures, causing MAX Ceiling Series vibration, which led to cracks appear. MAX Ceiling Series Retrofitting the daily maintenance of the MAX Ceiling Series In the case of a hidden pipeline or device, the MAX Ceiling Series is cracked if it is not properly regulated and the keel is damaged or damaged.
 So the acceptance of MAX Ceiling Series project, we must check these aspects are good, before they can complete the acceptance. At the same time on the other MAX Ceiling Series aspects of the relevant knowledge, you can focus on our official website to obtain the latest information.