Modular sandwich wall system (MAX-CR-A1)

Modular sandwich wall system (MAX-CR-A1)
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Modular sandwich wall system


The product is Modular sandwich wall system. It is widely applied to pharmaceutical,electronic,aeronautical,military industries which need cleanroom. The system use  aluminum profile as connection,with simple structure and easy dismantling. Product panels is sandwich panel structure by multiple connecting way. it matched with MAX-CD and MAX-CW door and windows system and connect to wall panels perfectly . It is widely apply to various clean room.


This system is able to repeat dismantling and keep material intact.
This system is able to finish quickly installation and dismantling by simple tools.
The system use silicone to seal structure joint, for keeping air-tight of clean room.
MAX provide completely integrated door and window solution for wall panel system.
Panels in the system is adaptable to various rigid structure.
This system is designed for clearroom of pharmaceutical, electrical factory , hospital operation room , food factory and the office partition  wall.


Standard thickness size:1180mm、1160mm
Recommender height: no more than 6000mm
Thickness of wall: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm,100mm

Structure picture

                      Wall structure                                                                              Panel structure


                        Site picture1                                                                        Site picture2


    The partition wall system is especially suitable for the cleanroom of the medicine industry,with aluminum alloy coving to making  connection with concave- convex .