HPL sandwich wall system (MAX-CR-D1)

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HPL wall system


The product is widely applied to pharmaceutical,electronic,aeronautical,military industries with HPL wall system. The system is connected by aluminum profiles with simple structure and easy dismantling. Panels is sandwich structure, can be filled with the paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and so many material. There are various type connection .  Equipped with MAX-CD and MAX-CW door and window system, the product connect to wall panels perfectly and apply to various cleanroom.


This system is able to repeat dismantling and keep material intact. 

This system is able to  quickly installation and dismantling by simple tools.
The system use silicone to seal structure joint, for keeping air-tight of cleanroom.
MAX provide completely integrated door and window solution for wall panel system.
The panels is featured of erode-proof, anti-punch,scratch proof and etc.
This system is designed for clearroom of pharmaceutical, performing no protruding connection with aluminum alloy rounder conner inside.


Standard thickness size:1180mm、1160mm ,1000mm
Recommender height: no bigger than 4500mm, or otherwise need clip in.
Thickness of wall: 50mm

Structure pictures

123.BMP     Compostion diagram.png

                                Wall structure                                                                                      Panel structure 

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