hollow clips system (MAX-CR-B1)

hollow clips system (MAX-CR-B1)
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Hollow wall system


The product is hollow wall system, widely applying to electronics,pharmaceutical,aerospace and military indudustries that need clean room wall.
The product consist of two major sections of rigid system and surface panel system. The rigid system provide plain,vertical,controllable supporing section for surface panel system. The product can repeat dismantling without damaging material and, perform airblow inside wall with hollow wall,adapt well to the place where need changeable clean room layout.
The system contain two sets of MAX patents.



This system is able to repeat dismantling and keep material intact.
This system is able to finish quick installation and dismantling by simple tools.
The system use silicone to seal structure joint, for keeping air-tight of clean room.
MAX provide completely integrated door and window solution for wall panel system.
The system structure is adaptable to various different structure condition, producing subproducts of different structure.
The rigid system can be fixed with wire pipe,technical tube and air blow return unit.


Standard thickness size:1160mm
Recommender height: no less than 4500mm, or otherwise need clip in. Rigid height no bigger than 12 meters.
Thickness of wall: 100mm、76mm

3D rendering

骨架图.jpg     石膏板分解.jpg

                                  Wall structure                                                                                 Panel structure

鍐呴〉鍥_DSCF8157.JPG     鍐呴〉鍥_IMG_1068.jpg

                                  Site picture1                                                                                        Site picture2