Electronic Factory Charter Platform Partition System(MAX-CR-H)

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Electronic Factory Charter Platform Partition System


The product is widely applied to pharmaceutical, electronics, aeronautical, military industries with HPL wall system. The system is connected by aluminum profiles with simple structure. Panel uses sandwich structure with multiple connnecting types. Equipped with MAX-CD and MAX-CW door and windows system, the product connects to wall panels perfectly and can be applied in various situations.


  • Can be repeatedly dismantled and yet material being intact

  • Quick installation/Dismantling

  • Silicone used to keep air-tight

  • Integrated door and window solution

  • Anti-erosion/scratch-proof/anticollision


Width: 1180mm, 1160mm
Height: 4500mm, or otherwise need to be clipped in.
Thickness: 50mm

Structure Pictures

爆炸图.JPG     aaa.jpg


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