MAX2000 wall system (MAX-CR-E1)

MAX2000 wall system (MAX-CR-E1)
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MAX2000 wall system


The product is of MAX2000 wall system, performing modular quickly installed and dismantling between panels, panel and door,panel and window. Attaching column to cover tightly through clip and install each parts by pressure, the product has good sealing without silicone.
The product is applicable to cleanroom of electronic facility.


This system is able to repeat dismantling and keep material intact.
This system is able to finish quick installation and dismantling by simple tools.
The system use silicone to seal structure joint, for keeping air-tight of cleanroom.
MAX provide completely integrated door and window solution for wall panel system.      

The system is of full aluminum structure without iron parts.


Standard width size:1180mm , 1160mm , 1000mm
Recommender height: no bigger than 6000mm, or otherwise need clip in. .
Thickness of wall: 45mm

Structure pictures

   sheet composition.JPG

                                    Wall structure                                                                           Panel structure

鍐呴〉鍥_IMG_2177.jpg      鍐呴〉鍥_IMG_2171.jpg

                                  Site picture1                                                                                   Site picture2