Top-layer ceiling system (MAX-CG-00)

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MAX FFU ceiling series


This series consist of two layers of upper and bottom ceilings wherein the bottom one can be solely used.
Consisting of system of rigid,blind panel,hanging assembly, the bottom ceiling is FFU ceiling system of T type rigid. Divided into cross shape,T and L by its joints, the rigid system is connected by joints and rigid through nuts.
The product is in clip-in structure of size of 600*1200 and 1200*1200. Featured dismantling and recycle usage, the product is widely applied to clean rooms of electronic,military industry


Top ceiling use XDL94 beam.

Bottom ceiling is optional to below systems.
MAX-CG-A T-Grid FFU ceiling system
MAX-CG-B BI T-Grid FFU ceiling system
MAX-CG-C Lamp FFU ceiling system
MAX-CG-D Non-Walkable FFU ceiling system

This series is able to repeat dismantling and keep material intact.
This series is able to finish quick installation and dismantling by simple tools.
No silicone existing in this series that can apply to no-silicone clean room.


Top ceiling standard size: 1180mm、1160mm、900mm

Bottom ceiling standard size: 600*1200(mm2)


3D rendering

CG-00-1.JPG     CCC分解图.JPG

                                     Wall structure                                                                              Panel structure

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