40 S.S door (MAX-CD-D1)

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S.S door

Product description

This product is a cleanroom dedicated stainless steel door for MAX partition  wall products, as well as clean room used by the 50mm, 100mm thick partition wallboard. This product adopt 1.5mm thickness stainless steel door frame material, the door leaf adopt 1.0mm thick stainless steel plate bending forming, you can choose to install MAC-CW series 40mm, 50mm thick rounded or right angle double window. The door include adjustable stainless steel hinges.


Door frame, door leaf, double window is also 40mm, 50mm thick. The surface flush, no bump.
Door frames, door leaf, locks, hinges and other hardware are made of stainless steel .
The bottom of the door has a mechanical automatic lift seal, the door is opened when the seal entry door leaf inside, door is closed when seal down to the ground to ensure that the door closed seal at the same time ensure that the door is no friction sealed with the ground .
This product has a strong air tight and is easy to clean .

W*H,mm*mm specification

  • Doubledoor : 1200*2100,1500*2100,1800*2100,200*2100,2400*2100


3D rendering


40 leaf S.S door


50 S.S door