walkable ceiling with sandwich panel-(MAX-CC-A1)

walkable ceiling with sandwich panel-(MAX-CC-A1)
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Walkable ceiling system


It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, aerospace  and other industries which need to use clean ceiling .It can add Light , FFU , and fire equipment and so on on the ceiling panel . The system is composed of aluminum alloy ceiling keel  system and ceiling panel system. The aluminum alloy ceiling keel  system is mainly used to bear the load of ceiling panel and control and adjust the ceiling distance from the floor and the ceiling levelness, Ceiling panels  can connected with FFU, fire equipment, lamps and access holes perfectly .


  • The ceiling system grid a is not visible under the ceiling panel.

  • The ceiling  can be perfectly connected with other equipment in the cleanroom

  • The system ceiling has strong tightness and it is walkable

  • The ceiling system can be connected with MAX other types of partition wall system products perfectly

  • The ceiling system connection gap be same width with the wall gap to ensure cleanroom apperance


Standard width modulus: 1180 mm, 1160 mm,1000mm
Recommended length: not more than 3000mm. If over these size . It need to increase reinforcement 
Plate thickness: 50 / 55mm

3D rendering


                                     Wall structure                                                                              Panel structure

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                                  Site picture1                                                                                   Site picture2